97 Herzl– Beit HaKerem Jerusalem

Street: 97 Herzl– Beit HaKerem Jerusalem

Project Character: TAMA 38/3 Reinforcing Building and Addition

Project Stage: Residents’ Signatures

Number of New Apartments: 24

Bengio Urban Renewal is initiating the “Herzl Project” in Beit HaKerem Neighborhood in Jerusalem. The building enjoys a prestigious location, vicinity to Kiryat HaMemshala, synagogues and the hotels of the city. In addition to being close to these unique places, the building enjoys a vicinity to services and community centers as well as the light train services that passes through Herzl Boulevard.

As part of the work on the project general reinforcement of the building, which includes 28 old apartments, will be carried out and 24 apartments will be added. The total number of apartments in the projects will be 52 new apartments that have technical specifications of a high quality, a unique location and residence in the old Beit HaKerem Neighborhood. The neighborhood, which was built as a neighborhood of gardens, enjoys human capital that is composed of people who work in liberal professions, new immigrants from welfare states and academicians.