Our Advantages

The Three Main Advantages of Bengio Urban Renewal

There are three main reasons for picking Bengio Urban Renewal to be the firm that accompanies you through your building’s N.O.P 38 project.

  1. Uncompromising professionalism. Bengio Urban Renewal is a real-estate company founded and run by veteran professionals who have many years of experience in the fields of construction, entrepreneurship and planning. Every N.O.P 38 project we undertake is conducted with high proficiency and professionalism in all aspects so that the building is renovated with strict adherence to prevailing governing building codes.
  2. Financial soundness. Our team’s vast accumulated experience ensures that banking, government, municipal and other institutions involved understand that your project is cared for in the best possible manner. Our firm boasts extensive past activities and financial solidity ensuring that we successfully meet all construction challenges involved, running the project flawlessly right up to completion with full apartment owners’ satisfaction guaranteed.
  3. We are committed to our clients. We believe that satisfied clients lay the foundations to a successful firm. That is why we strive to find custom tailored solutions to each and every apartment owner’s needs and wishes.

Every N.O.P project we take on enjoys the involvement of leading professionals who specialize in all relevant fields; planning, construction and additions to existing buildings under the strictest governing building codes and quality standards. No less important – we act with full transparency and extend personal attention to each and every apartment owner or tenant with the Project Manager accompanying them from the earliest stages of the project, right up to successful completion and a long time following when necessary.