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TAMA (N.O.P) 38 Amendment 3 – Reinforce and Renovate

  • Reinforcing the building so that it meets Israeli building standards 413 and 2413 for durability against earthquakes
  • Construction of a new, attractive lobby as far as building plans allow.
  • Upgrading the stairways
  • Adding an elevator
  • Enlarging each apartment by up to 25 square meters.
  • Replacing the building’s common water, gas, electric and sewage infrastructures
  • Landscaping, lighting of pathways, adding railings, improving accessibility and so on.
  • Redesigning and modernizing the façade of the building.

TAMA (N.O.P) 38 Amendment 2 – Vacate and Reconstruct

  • Demolishing the existing building and constructing a modern one in its place, one which meets all the requirements of the strictest governing building standards
  • Upgrading property rights as well as apartment quality as per the drafted agreement.Adding a parking space and storage room for each apartment in accordance with the building plans.
  • Landscaping, lighting, relaying pathways with emphasis on convenience and accessibility, adding railings and so on..
  • Funding the rental costs of the residents for the duration of the project
  • Funding the removal expenses of the residents from their existing  apartment to their temporary residence and back into the new one)