Work Process

If your building meets the necessary requirements to benefit under TAMA 38 (either in accordance with version 2 or 3), it is a shame not to take advantage of the situation. A TAMA 38 project will allow not only the reinforcing of your building but also its complete renovation giving it  a new facade, new water pipes, sewage systems  and electric wiring, enlarging the apartments themselves, adding safe-rooms, toilet facilities, elevators, improving staircases and much much more.

In the following paragraphs you will find information on how to initiate an TAMA 38 project and what you can expect from the work process once it is under way.

Stage One – Primary Consultation and Determining Viability


At this very early stage we will determine if your building meets the requirements to benefit from TAMA 38. If it does – we will check the building’s infrastructure and its surroundings and inform you of different renovation options. In addition we will interview each and every apartment owner and lay out possibilities which take into consideration the wishes of all parties involved.

Once all of the above has been made clear we will work out how viable the project is in terms of its different professional aspects such as architecture, engineering, legal, taxation and others.

Once all data has been gathered (from apartment owners, the professionals involved and the authorities) we will set out a viable plan to which all of the apartment owners and residents  will have easy access to.
In this plan all of the work stages will be described. It will also include imaging and simulation of the outcome (what the renovated building will look like).
We will explain if and why the building should undergo renovation or be demolished  altogether and a new, modern building constructed in its place. The plan we lay out will include a breakdown of all possible operative options, timetables, challenges, solutions and a list of the benefits to be achieved (such as improved infrastructure, larger apartments, building additions and so on).

Stage Two – Finalizing an Agreement With All Parties Involved and Getting Actual Construction Work Underway.

Once we have laid out a plan of action with which all the relevant parties are  happy,  we will finalize the deal legally by drafting an agreement in which everything agreed upon is listed, including all obligations and privileges.


Stage Three – Tackling Bureaucracy

Once everyone has committed themselves by signing the proposed agreement we will work to receive all the necessary permits from the different relevant government and municipal authorities.

Stage Four – “Be Ware! – Construction Work Underway”


After all the legal and bureaucratic issues have been dealt with actual construction work may begin!

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