About TAMA 38

About TAMA 38 – N.O.P (National Outline Plan) 38

TAMA 38,also called N.O.P (National Outline Plan) 38, is designed to encourage the reinforcing of  residential buildings in israel constructed before governing standards, regarding earthquake resistance,  were introduced in 1980. Such reinforcing against earthquakes is usually accompanied by upgrading and expansion of the residential units thus benefiting all those involved – the state, the contractor and, first and foremost, the building’s owners and residents.

In simple terms, the contractor undertakes the project in return for entitlement to build new residential units. In this way, the apartment owners do not have to pay for the upgrading of their building.

Several hundred TAMA 38 of projects have already been carried out throughout Israel. These projects have improved the state of older buildings in numerous ways such as reinforcement against earthquake damage, renovation, addition of elevators, improving stairways, adding safe rooms and adjacent toilet facilities, replacing old water pipe systems, sewage systems, electric wiring and much much more.

Preconditions for a Building’s Candidacy to Benefit from TAMA 38

The Israeli standard for earthquake protection for residential buildings came into force in 1975. It is estimated that most residential buildings in Israel constructed before 1980 do not meet the safety requirements outlined and thus do not provide the level of protection deemed necessary against earthquakes. Most seismologists agree that an earthquake in the region is likely in the coming years. The first precondition for benefiting from TAMA 38 is that a residential construction was completed before January 1st 1980 and that it was not built in accordance with building safety standard 413 (according to a licensed construction engineer).

Building for which requests to be included in TAMA 38 projects may be submitted stand to enjoy many benefits, such as:

  • Accelerated plan approval procedures, quicker issuing of building permits and lower taxation charges
  • Options to enlarge, renovate and redesign existing apartments as well as to perform large scale changes without cost to the residents.
  • Substantial increase in property value.

If your building meets these criteria do not waste time. Contact us today and learn how you can profit from having us reinforce your building, while renovating and greatly improving it in many ways, all with no expense whatsoever to you.