About Bengio Urban Renewal

Bengio Urban Renewal is a new company founded by veteran real-estate entrepreneurs and expert professionals in the field of construction.

Bengio Urban Renewal specializes in building reinforcement or reconstruction in israel under the terms of N.O.P 38 (2) (vacate and reconstruct) or N.O.P (3) (reinforce and renovate), supervising projects from their very beginning all the way to successful completion of all stages:

  1. Laying out a plan of action
  2. Studying the building’s characteristics
  3. Planning its renovation or reconstruction
  4. Finalizing all aspects of the work done, architectural, engineering, infrastructure renewal, design modernization

Any other stage involved in upgrading the building until its residents receive their renovated or brand new apartments with full satisfaction guaranteed.

N.O.P (National Outline Plan) 38 – Protecting Families,  Reinforcing Homes

N.O.P 38 is a national outline plan for reinforcing residential buildings in Israel against earthquake damage, either through renovation of the existing building (N.O.P 38 (3)) or through demolishing the existing structure and building a new, modern one in its place (N.O.P 38 (2) also known as “vacate and reconstruct”).

Most seismologists agree that earthquakes can be expected in the region. It is important that owners of apartments in buildings that do not meet the necessary standards for earthquake protection take advantage of the opportunity given to them through N.O.P 38. In most cases N.O.P 38 projects do not cost the apartment owners a single penny, the process is quick and the increase in value is substantial.

In the course of a building’s renovation it is possible to upgrade infrastructures (such as electrical wiring, sewage and water pipes), give the building a new, modern, attractive facade , expand apartments, and add safe rooms and other facilities.

If your building meets the criteria for N.O.P 38 project – contact us today, we will gladly help you realize this potential, turning dream into reality.

Let Us Build You the Home of Your Dreams

Utilizing N.O.P 38, means substantial advantages and value to each and every apartment owner and resident.

We are familiar with the long decision making process. Everyone must be satisfied before the professionals in charge can obtain the necessary building permits before construction work can begin. We understand the concerns, the inconveniences and finally the joy apartment owners and residents feel when the project begins to its impressive results. It is incredibly satisfying for us, time and time again, to watch our clients as they realize that the dreams and wishes wishes for their homes are being fulfilled so quickly. Their apartments becom more comfortable, attractive, well designed, modern homes. We take pleasure in knowing that our clients’ feelings of happiness will last for many years to come.

We are here to escort you throughout your N.O.P 38 project until flawless completion. We invite you to contact us and look forward to helping you too plan and execute a major upgrading of your standard of living.