The Process of an NOP TAMA 38 Project

If your building meets the criteria for benefitting from the special terms available through utilization of NOP TAMA 38 (amendment 2 or 3) it is a pity not to take advantage of the situation.
A building reinforcement project in accordance with NOP TAMA 38 will allow apartment owners and residents to benefit from extensive renovations and increases in their standard of living without spending a dime!
Among other things the building can be upgraded with a new, modern, attractive facade, the water, sewer and electric infrastructures can be renewed, apartments may be enlarged, safe rooms and toilet facilities added, an elevator may be added, the stairway upgraded and so on.

Does your building meet the Israeli standard for earthquake durability ? a candidate to be modernized and reinforced under the terms of NOP TAMA 38 Project?

The Israeli building standard for durability in the case of earthquakes came into effect in 1975. Many residential buildings constructed before 1980 do not meet the standard and consequently are candidates for NOP TAMA 38 projects.

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Bengio Urban Renewal specializes in reinforcement and reconstruction of residential building in accordance with NOP TAMA 38 (N.O.P – National Outline Plan) 38 (covering both amendment 2 or amendment 3). We provide close management and execution of such projects from start to successful completion.

Bengio Urban Renewal provides the bridge you need in order to turn fantasy into reality.
We will do our very best to progress the renovation of your building with the deepest commitment, utilizing the vast experience we have accumulated and all the resources at our disposal. With us you are sure to enjoy peace of mind and security throughout the project until full realization of the standard of living you can only dream about..

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