Project Premium Baka, Jerusalem

Project Character: A unique enterprise

Project Stage: Population

Number of New Apartments: 108

The one in control of Bengio Urban Renewal Abraham Bengio is operating on various levels in the field of real estate. As part of its activity of many years in the fields of TAMA 38, vacate and construct and urban renewal, the owners of the company operate a system of enterprise and project development.

A unique enterprise of the owners of Bengio Urban Renewal is expressed by betterment of Project Premium Bikaa and turning it into 16,000 square meters of prestigious housing. The project, that is located in south Jerusalem, is composed of boutique buildings and offers 108 prestigious housing units, a spa and swimming pool.

Project Premium Bikaa enjoys an attractive location in a neighborhood that has a unique character. The project is located within a short walking distance from schools, culture youth and sports centers, and community services and centers.

*Bengio Urban Renewal Company is not expected to generate profit from this project.